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Who does the Yellow Tang hang out with?
  Yellow Tangs and many other marine fish have a mutualistic relationship with some species of shrimp like the  skunk cleaner shrimp ( Lysmata amboinensis). The fish swim to the shrimp and allow them to clean away and eat bacteria and other micro-organisms that parasitize its scales. The fish minimizes the chance of getting a disease or infection and the shrimp gets a meal.

    The tang also has a commensal/mutualistic relationship with sea turtles. When sea turtles come into the shallow reef waters from the deep ocean, they have algae growing on their shells and tangs flock to them eating the algae.

   The Yellow Tang has become a popular fish in the home aquarium because of its beauty and its feeding habits on algae. It is a relatively peaceful fish if not mixed with fish of its own genus. It may become territorial to the addition of new fish but with gradually accept them.


    The Yellow Tang can contract many diseases if the cleaner shrimp is not around, however the most common is saltwater ich.Saltwater ich is a protozoan that causes small white spots on the scales of the fish. It also causes loss of appetite and in later stages lesions.

Diver's mouth is being cleaned by Cleaner Shrimp Photo by MacGillivray Freeman's Coral Reef Adventure

Diver receiving dental care by cleaner shrimp
Photo by MacGillivery Freeman's Coral Reef Adventure

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