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Plague forms

Map: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Bubonic, Pneumonic, and Septicemic plague were all present in Europe from 1347-1350.  Italy was the first western land to suffer from the Black Death.


Bubonic Plague

This type of plague is transferred by bite.  Swellings called buboes appear at the lymph node closest to the puncture.  When the bubo ruptures and drains, if the patient is so lucky, then he or she can recover.  Without treatment the mortality rate of Bubonic plague is 40-70%.


Pneumonic Plague

This type of plague is transferred by the inhalation of contaminated droplets.  In addition to exhibiting signs of bubonic plague, infected individuals can suffer from cough, dyspnea (difficult breathing), and chest pain.  Without treatment Pneumonic plague is fatal, generally in less than three days.



More rare cases of plague such as Septicemic, Meningeal, Hemorrhagic, Gastrointestinal, Benign or Fulminant can be observed.



Kristi Taylor