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ŠLisa Walter, 2007

        This is my First Year at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
This Webpage was created for a Biology 203 class. I currently am majoring in Biomedical/ Pre-Medicine. I would like to become a obstetrician/gynecologist.

My Corgi and I =)I chose the Beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) because after quickly looking up a few references I found out that Belugas have many adaptations and unique characteristics about them. I thought many others might find them interesting for the same reasons. As well as the fact that they are known but are rarely ever taught or learned about. So I hope you enjoyed my webpage and learned a little bit about the Beluga.
Lisa Walter
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Quick Interesting Facts

  • Belugas are one of the only whales that can turn their heads all directions!

  • Small Whale -- Shorter than a School Bus!

  • They Molt! Their Skin turns Yellow and rubs off in the Summer

  • Used to live in Warm Waters by California but now only in Arctic Ocean

  • Missing a Dorsal Fin!

  • One of few whales that uses Echolocation

  • They Spyhop! Meaning they stick their heads out of the water to look around!

  • Very closely related to Hippos! and have a few of the same bones Humans have!

  • Calves are born grey/brown!

  • From human pollution -- Belugas are being found with STDs and Cancers

  • Belugas can swim Forwards and Backwards!

  • Bottom Feed on Snails, Crustaceans and small fish by siphoning

    * Eat snails such as this one but not the mushrooms (especially the one here;
    Amanita muscaria because it would cause the animal to Hallucinate!)

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