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  Coral Reef from a government website   The Pacific Seahorse lives in the shallow Eastern Pacific temperate and tropical waters (45 N to 45 S). These organisms can be found from San Diego, California to Baja California, El Salvador, Panama, Columbia and in the Galapagos Islands to Peru hiding amongst the reefs, mangroves, estuaries and sea grass beds. Many of these seahorses usually are found in 1 meter to 20 meters in depth, but some have been found at depths up to 60 meters. These habitats are very ideal for a seahorse, because they are able to blend in with the surroundings. In addition, seahorses have a long, flexible tail, which allows them to grasp on to coral, sea grass, rooted plants and floating vegetation.Coral Reef taken by Amy Warren
     Some organisms that live in close proximity to the seahorses include: many different types of fish (flatheads, rods, tuna, trumpeters, snappers and perches), sea turtles, rays, crabs, lobsters, and many other saltwater loving organisms.