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     Pacific Seahorses feed on small crustaceans, especially brine shrimp that roam around on the ocean floor; small fish, mysids and plankton. They have a Clip art of shrimplong snout that is used to suck up the small organisms into its cylindrical mouth. Since seahorses can not swim very fast, they latch onto sea grass or coral andPacific Seahorse found in the Galapagos Islands wait for their meal to appear. It is easy for them to hide since they blend into their surroundings. Once the creature appears, in a quick motion the seahorse snatches the small organism by sucking it through its snout. They cannot chew the organism because a seahorse does not have any teeth.
The seahorse is part of the bony fish class (class Osteichtyes). It has a closed circulatory system, with two chambers (one atrium and one ventricle) which are connected to their gills. Also, it has a one way digestive tract. Which means the food travels through the mouth down the esophagus and out through the anus or bladder. Seahorses do not have stomachs, so they literally have to eat all the time to stay alive.

  Taken by David Hall