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  • Orange Pacific SeahorseSeahorses are the only organism where males get pregnant.
  • Seahorses do not have stomachs but eat small crustaceans.
  • The Pacific Seahorse is the largest seahorse reaching up to 30 cm (12 inches).
  • Seahorses can flap their pectoral fins up to 35 times a minute.
  • When seahorses die, they keep their shape and become dried out. Venders have taken advantage of this and sell them as key chains.
  • Seahorses are used in many medicines for example treating baldness, asthma and fevers.
  • Hippokampoi comes from the Greek myth. These were horses of the sea that had the head of a horse and tail of a fish. Hippokampois would carry the nymphs and sea-gods.
  • Seahorses are related to sea dragons.
  • Seahorses are on the endangered species list.

                                                                                                                        Taken by Jeff Rosenfeld

 Hippocampus ingens Phylogenetic Tree

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Hippocampus  Hippocampus              Hippocampus         Hippocampus   Hippocampus   Hippocampus  Hippocampus     Hippocampus                                       Species        kelloggi                        spinosissmus                ingens             reidi               algiricus     capensis                 kuda

                 Ancestor Pipefish
               (Family Syngathidae)

For more information on the phylogenetic tree of Pacific Seahorses, click here for information on separation of hippocampus species or here for the family Syngnathidae.