Snow Leopard

credit photo to:Bernard Landgraf

The snow leopard also known as "Sabu", "ounce" and "irbis" is medium sized cat which lives in the mountains ophoto credit: Julie Larsen Maher  WCSf Central Asia. The snow leopard is a graceful creature that prefers to live alone. They are recognized by their beautiful fur; the base color of their fur can vary from light gray to a darker gray with solid spots located on the head, neck, and limbs; while the remainder of the body is covered in unique spots called "rosettes".photo credit:Max Waugh "Rosettes" are large circles that can have smaller circles within them. This distinctive fur is a causative agent to their diminishing numbers. Humans, being the snow leopards only enemies, hunt them to sell their fur on the black market. Furs can be sold for about $60,000 making the seller a handsome profit.                   Click here for For more information on Snow Leopards visit the following websites: The Snow Leopard Trust, Animal Diversity Web and Big Cats Online.