Adaptation                                             Taken by Kelsey Brooks                    






Alfalfa has adapted to the land’s harsh environment by growing elongated roots (fifteen plus feet). These roots can reach water sources farther down than many other plants; making it more resistant to droughts. It also gives alfalfa its lush green color. Taken by Ron Brooks of employee's home (look at the different shades of green between alfalfa and grass)Alfalfa is very interesting in the fact that it has been genetically engineered for years to adapt better in different regions. A great example of this is a strand of alfalfa that is leaf hopper resistant. The resistant alfalfa has developed small hair-like structures on their stems making it nearly impossible for the leaf hopper insects to hang on to the plant and feed. This small genetically infused adaptation has created a colossal difference in the quality and quantity of alfalfa. Also, the leaves of alfalfa are trifoliate increasing the surface area for sunlight. 

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