Taenia solium in Formaldehyde


Scientific Name Taenia solium

Taenia solium is Latin for "Ribbon Throne."  Ribbon is a reference to the flattened appearance of the tapeworms in the genus Taenia, while throne is a reference to the ring of hooks present on its scolex.



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Phylogenic Tree:

In the phylogenic trees provided, which were determined by morphology, I have included the genus most closely related to Taenia, Echinococcus, which is also capable of encysting in humans.

I have also included some of the better known Taenia species.  T. pisiformis is a tapeworm whose definitive host is carnivores such as dogs and cats.  T. asiatica is closely related to both T. solium and T. saginata, which is included because it is very similar to T. solium morphologically and molecularly.


T. solium Vs T. saginata

These species have nearly identical life cycles, with the only difference being that intermediate host of T. saginata is a cow.  T. saginata also causes taeniasis and cysticercosis in the human host.  Eggs and cysts from these two species look identical as well. However, it does not cause neurocysticercosis.  There are some morphological features that can differentiate these species.