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Hello, I am KaWai Hui.?I am an international student from Hong Kong. I am currently a freshman at UW- La Crosse, majoring in Biology and Biochemistry. Before entering college, I had been an high school exchange student for a year in Argyle, Wisconsin.

Argyle is a eight-hundred people town. The number of people live there is smaller than the number of students in my Hong Kong high school. It was a big culture shock. However, I found all people there are very nice and they all know my name. No kidding! I felt like a celebrity there.

Even though Wisconsin is really cold for me, I had a lot of friend here. That's why I choose to study here.

I like marine and vertebrate animals, but I really hate insect. Yup, I afraid of bees, butterflies, and flies. I love cats a lot! When I was young, everytime I saw butterflies or spider in my house, I would bring my cat over and chase them. I had always imagined my cat was my Pokemon.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I choose Sea Cucumber for my webpage because my first cat's name called "sea cucumber". She really looks like a sea cucumber. Lot of people think sea cucumber is disgesting, but I don't agree! They are awesome and cute.

Hope you guys enjoyed the webpage. Please send your comments to my e-mail: hui.ka@students.uwlax.edu