Spawning Time

Largemouth bass breed in the spring.  The time at which breeding occurs differs every year and is largely due to the water temperature.  The preferred breeding water temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Photo taken by Carolyn Junge


The males build the nest in shallow water (under 1.5 meters).  Once the nest is built a female will swim by and follow in an act or courtship with the male.  After the courtship is over the female will lay her eggs and the male will then release his sperm and fertilize the eggs.  The males then will guard the eggs until they hatch. Female largemouth bass do not invest anything more than her gametes to the offspring.


Each female will lay approximately 2,000-7,000 eggs per pound of body weight, but due to predation and lack of fertilization an average egg hatch per nest will be around 3,000-6,000 fry.  The newborn fry then will remain close to the father for almost a month.  After the newly born fry become about and inch they are at risk of becoming prey to even their own parents. 


Largemouth bass females reach sexual maturity at four to five months of age, and males reach sexual maturity a little earlier at around three to four months of age.Tom Junge


Interesting facts:                                               

Females live longer than males.

Largest member in the sunfish family.

Most popular sport fish in the United States.





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