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Interesting facts

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                                  Here are some facts that I found pretty fascinating:

- Have you ever heard that dolphins sleep with one eye open?  Well, it's true!  They sleep this way so they are never completely asleep.  This allows them to be on the look out for predators and so they won't sink!

- Each gender has its own name.  Males are called "bulls," females are called "cows," and their babies are called "calves."

- Wild dolphins have been known to save sailors and those lost at sea from drowning.

Image courtesy of: Jonathon Bird
- The strength of a bond between two dolphins is shown by how they swim together.  The more in sync they are with one another, the deeper the relationship.

- Atlantic spotted dolphins
are related to the Bottlenose dolphin, Spinner dolphin, and even Killer whales (which are not whales but actually dolphins).

- Wild dolphins do the acrobatics we see at amusement and water parks to help them see their surroundings.

- Dolphins slap their tails on the water to show their annoyance level.

- If a fish is swimming away during a meal, a dolphin can hit the fleeing fish with its tail which stuns the fish.  Then, the dolphin will eat it.

Image by: Anne Allard

- Many people believe that dolphins are always happy because they always have a smile on their face.  However, this smile is fixed.  So, dolphins (just like any other organism) can be happy, sad, angry, annoyed, and many other emotions.

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