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Hi.  My name is Becky Kerr.  I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  My major is Biology with a Biomedical concentration and a Chemistry minor.  I plan on becoming a physical therapist and I would like to specialize with children and teenagers.  I have two sisters and I'm from Ames, Iowa.  I was a cheerleader in high school and I am also a cheerleader at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  I plan on having cheerleading a part of my life after college (most likely coaching).
                  Image by: Brian & Elizabeth Kerr (parents)

All my life, I have always loved dolphins.  My two favorites are the Bottlenose dolphin and the Atlantic spotted dolphin.  I was very excited to be able to do this webpage on the Atlantic spotted dolphin.  I have had some personal experience with dolphins before.  They aren't the Atlantic spotted dolphin, but the Bottlenose are closely related and they seem to act in similar fashions.  I have been swimming with dolphins twice and have feed them whenever I go down to Orlando, Florida.  When I was younger, I used to want to become a marine biologist and spend all my days with the dolphins.  Sadly, I hate touching fish so I found out that job wasn't for me. 

                          Image by: Becky Kerr

Some thank you's!  Thank you Mom & Dad for e-mailing me the pictures you see on this page and thank you for giving me the opportunity to swim with the dolphins.  Thank you ITS for all your help with creating this site.  Thank you Dr. Volk and Dr. Sandland for the opportunity to make this website.  Thank you to all the websites that are allowing me to use their photos on my page.  And thank you for visiting my page!  Please visit again!!
    Image by: Becky Kerr
Feel free to send me some e-mails on my site or anything else you find interesting about myself or dolphins!

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