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Is the Vaccinium oxycoccus very interesting? YES!

Wisconsin leads the United States in the production of cranberries. It is estimated that the people of Wisconsin farm $120 million in cranberries a year. (Sanderson p. 1) Because of this it is a very important organism economically.

What would a thanksgiving be with out cranberries. With out cranberries we would have to rely on the turkey being juicy every year. Nobody likes a dry turkey with out cranberries.

The type of cranberries that are grown in Wisconsin actually come from the plant Vaccinium macrocarpon with is a relative of the Vaccinium oxycoccus.  (See Classification)

Cranberry juice is a very potent antioxidant. These antioxidant properties are thought to help reduce bad cholesterol. (Seeram)
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In fact there have recently been cranberry hybrids created that are even higher in there levels of absorbable antioxidants. (Bliss)

Cranberry juice is also known to be able to fight E. coli (click to see a website about E. Coli!)clip art, Streptococcus (click to visit a website about Streptococcus!) clip artand H. pylori bacteria'sclip art. This means that cranberry juice can help fight urinary tract infections, tooth decay and help cure ulcers. (Merkhofer)