With Humans: Falconry was first begun nearly 4000 years ago by the Persians. More recently, in the Middle Ages, falconry was considered a sport and many rich noblemen took up the sport. With the invention of guns the sport became much less prevalent. Nevertheless, many people in Europe, North America, and the Middle East still keep the sport alive. Training a falcon requires much patience and time. First, the falcon must be “manned,” or be used to interacting with humans. Next, the falcon must be “broken,” or be used to having a hood put over its head. This hood is kept on the falcon until the teacher sees game that he wants to catch. And finally the falcon must “lure.” Luring refers to coming back after the falcon acquires the prey.


With birds: Peregrine Falcons, or sometimes known as the “duck hawk,” can pretty much take anything out of the air that it wants to. Its nickname even suggests that it can catch birds as large as ducks which are fairly large! Usually birds try to avoid interaction with the Peregrine Falcon.



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