Animation by Microsoft ClipartPeregrines nest in higher places including tall buildings and cliffs. Peregrines mate for life and breed in the same area every year. They do not build nests, but rather scrape the dirt or soil around they live to make an indent in the soil with no other nesting material. The female lays approximately 3 to 4 eggs in the nest. The eggs are a cream color with redish-brown speckles on them. The female incubates the eggs and the does most of the hunting during this time period. After about 32 days, the eggs hatch. 5 to 6 weeks later, the young fledge. During the next few weeks, the adults teach the young to capture their own food. Only about half the young survive their first year, but after the first year, the chances of survival are good. Peregrines can live up to 20 years old, but on average, they only live about 5 years.




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