(Adaptations that keep the buzz going)



Anopheles earlei has adapted its body structure numerous ways to its environment. 


             The head region has been adapted for acquiring sensory information with specialized

                    structures such as:

             -Compound Eyes

            -Two Sensory Palps


                         Using antennae the mosquito can detect

                        - breeding sites where females lay eggs

                    - carbon dioxide and lactic acid from up to

                100 feet away---

                             These gases are given off by mammals and birds in normal


                        -chemicals in sweat                                                                              


The fact that mosquitoes can “smell” a person, explains why some people are always getting bit and others rarely do. 

It all depends on your personal biochemistry and if YOU “smell” like a suitable blood meal to a female mosquito!


Other specialized structures of the head region are:

          -enlogate: proboscis used in feeding that projects forward

       - palpus-mouth parts

       -mouth brushes for feeding and propulsion in larvae 




The thorax region has been specialized for…



     The mosquito has two options for moving…


...... or



This is accomplished by using specialized structures:


 ●     One pair of wings- coppery spot at apex of wing  (characteristic of A. earlei)


●     Flight muscles

                A mosquito flies by using its wings and structures called halteres, that aid in balance.                                   

 ●     Three pairs of legs    

           A mosquito can walk using its legs but can walk not only flat on the ground, but this insect can walk up a wall, defy gravity and walk on the ceiling, and also walk on water    



Walking on the wall-     

Because of special foot pads that are equipped with setae (bristle-like structures) the insect can stick upside down on vertical surfaces!  



Walking on water-

 Each mosquito has grooves on its legs that are filled with air.  Because of the surface tension of water, no water can get into these grooves, allowing the mosquito to walk on top of the surface!



The thorax also holds the:


●     Compound heart

●     Nerve cells

●     Trachioles





  has a pointed tip- characteristic of Anopheles earlei


  The abdomen is specialized for:


         - Food digestion

                      Complete digestive, circulatory (open) and excretory systems



          -Egg development

                  The female abdomen expands when takes a blood meal which is then digested and

                 used as protein for the production of eggs the will gradually fill the abdomen! 






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