Clip ArtThere are three main species of zebras, Plains zebra, or Equus quagga, Mountain zebra, Equus zebra, and Grevy's zebra Equus grevyi.  The Plains zebra is the most common and widespread geographically in Africa and have shorter legs.

Mountain zebra prefer mountainous habitats and often have to dig for water.

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Grevy's zebra is the largest zebra at about 5 ft in height from the ground to the shoulder.  They are similar in size to mules, and males are taller than the females.  Grevy's weigh anywhere from 770 to 990 lbs.  Their muzzles are ash-grey and their ears are large, round, broad toward the tip, and thickly furred with borders of black hairs on the sides.  Grevy's hooves are small, oval, and black and their heads are long and narrow.



Phylogenetic Tree

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