Great Spotted Kiwi


Where do Great Spotted Kiwis live?

Apteryx haastii
are indiginous to New Zealand. They used to be nation-wide, but are quickly diminishing and are now only found on the South Island. Generally, Great Spotted Kiwis are found in three specific areas of the south island:
the northwest Nelson to the Buller River, the northwestern coast, and the southern alps between Authur's Pass and Lake Summer.

What kind of habitat to great spotted kiwis live in?

Apteryx haastii
has a very distinct habitat. They especially like high altitudes, so they are usually found on high, often harsh, hill country. It is almost like Great Spotted Kiwis have made a deal with evolution because the harsh environments that make life difficult for them also makes it difficult for predators such as pigs, dogs, ferrets, and stoats to live there. Great Spotted Kiwis prefer dens over burrows, unlike the Little Spotted Kiwi and the Brown Kiwi. They will actually spend time digging dens to make them almost like mazes, many times with more than one enterance and exit.

Other information about kiwi's habitat

The Great Spotted Kiwi is one of five species of kiwi. The other species are also diminishing quickly and only found in certain areas of New Zealand. The Brown Kiwi is found on the north island. The Great Spotted Kiwi, Rowi, Okarito Brown, and Tokoeka all inhabit the south island. Little Spotted Kiwis were found in the same areas as Great Spotted Kiwis, but because they were so small, they could not survive as long as the Great Spotted Kiwis have.




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