Cashew-Anacardium occidentale

Where does the Cashew call home?


Cashew Nut Output                                                                                                      
The Anacardium occidentale tree is native to Northeastern Brazil. It was distributed around the world in the 1500s by Portuguese  explorers. The cashew tree grows best in warm-temperate moist climates, tropical climates, or dry locations. It thrives in extreme heat and will be damaged in temperatures below zero degrees C. Anacardium occidentale can tolerate flooding, but benefits from a 3-4 month dry season. Today, the cashew tree is grown extensively in Central America, South America, East Africa (especially Mozambique), India and the Phillipines.

    Cashew Apples by Beto Frota

Once planted, Anarcadium occidentale does not require much care.  It is generally propagated by seed andColorful Cashew Apples by Beta Froto germinates slowly. Plants should be planted approximately 10 meters apart, and low branches should be pruned for the first 3 years.  The tree should start producing fruit around the third or fourth year, and the average annual yield per tree is 100-150 lbs of cashew apples/nuts. The plants growth and yield can be increased by fertilizers.