The domestic cat is capable of having up to three litters annually. A female cat is able to get pregnant after about seven months of age. A male cat becomes sexually mature around the age of nine months. The gestation period lasts My RA's kitties (picture taken by her)63 days and each litter consists, on average of four kittens, however it can range anywhere from one to nine kittens. Each kitten has its own separate amniotic sac that should break open after birth. If it doesn't, the mother will break it open herself. She then may eat the placenta which may stimulate lactation.

At birth, kittens' eyes and ears are closed. When they do begin to open their eyes after about eight days- they will appear blue and will not get their permanent color for a couple of months. This is evident in the picture at the top of the page: My cat Jasmine's eyes are blue, however they eventually changed to yellow.Clip Art kitten playing After about two weeks, auditory orientation occurs and after four weeks, hearing is well-adapted. Kittens are born without teeth, which they begin to grow between 2 to 3 weeks. The cat should have all of its permanent teeth by the age of six months. The typical lifespan of the domestic cat is about 17, however many cats have been known to reach 20 years, even 30.

If you do not want your cat(s) to have kittens- I strongly suggest getting them spayed or neutered. A female cat that is not spayed will become very irritable and lose her appetite if she is not allowed to mate. Also, an unneutered male cat will meow very loudly, spray urine on household items, and be very likely to run away.


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