Other Interesting Facts

8 Interesting Facts - Old and New Info

1) Their gills have a counter current flow of blood and water – maximizing oxygen uptake

2) It is hermaphroditic

3) Fertilized eggs are sent to the ocean streamlines for hatching

4) Can directly or indirectly cause human illness

5) Do not like to be taken from the wild and put into aquariums; however, captive fish do make the transition well

6) Are always suited to steal something

7) The males work the game well – they have numerous female companions at once

8) Finally, the male and female do not mate in their “home”


I chose to do this report on the bandit angelfish because it had a very intriguing color scheme to its body and looked very interesting – that’s about it!  Overall, I learned a great deal about this species, organisms like it, and organisms within its habitat.  I hope I relayed enough information to all the viewers to draw an interest in this species, or others mentioned.  Thanks for reading!

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