Coffee..."Nature's miracle"


         I took this picture at the Como Zoo in MN

Wake up and smell the coffee!

 Grande mocha Valencia frappachino, hold the whip please! If that means nothing to you, you are at the right place, because you're about to find out the details behind coffee.

 I took this photo in January 2008 in Costa Rica

   The scientific name, Coffea arabica, translates to “the coffee shrub of Arabia.” The word coffee originates from the Arab word qahwah, “the botanical name” of the original plant discovered in Africa. These original beans are grown around the world today as Coffea arabica.



 Whether you like it hot, cold, dark, light, medium, French roast, with cream and sugar, or straight black is up to you, but all of these forms are keeping 25 million people around the world on their toes one cup at a time.


Check out the history that started it all!