Coffee..."Nature's miracle"


         I took this picture at the Como Zoo in MN

Let me ESPRESSO myself!

I am a coffee addict.

My name is Madeline Fitch-Braun, welcome to my website dedicated to the substance that is getting me through a degree in Biology with a Medical Science focus. I am currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with only one year left until completion of my undergraduate. I hope to continue my studies and eventually become a veterinarian. My ideal job is to eventually work as a veterinarian at a zoo.

Back to coffee, I have always been a fan of coffee growing up. My treat as a young child was a trip to Starbucks to order a “grande mocha Valencia frappachino” (decaf back then), compared to most children who went for a regular ice cream cone.  

Just last January of 2008 I traveled to Costa Rica to visit my aunt teaching English there (to learn more about Costa Rica, click here, to plan your own trip to tropical paradise, CLICK HERE!). Outside of her neighborhood was a small coffee farm and on the way to the beach, up and around the mountains, there were coffee trees everywhere. The mountain sides were completely covered in coffee trees.


Picture I took in Costa RicaMy Aunt and I in Costa Rica in front of coffee plants

Coffee will always be a favorite of mine, and choosing to do my website on it has only made me like it more through learning about it!

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Thanks a LATTE!


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