Orange Werbung Titel Song





Welcome to my webpage about Citrus reticulata!  This species of citrus plants is well known for its fruit, known commonly as the mandarin orange.  It originated in China and Japan in the 16th century and was not commercially produced until the 1990s.  (Check out more classification and history on Citrus reticulata!The mandarin tree also has very interesting interactions with other organisms within its ecological niche.  (Check out these cool interactions!)  Not to mention, its adaptations (Click here to learn more!) and reproduction styles (Learn more about reproduction!) are very unique to its species.  Citrus reticulata is an awesome organism.  It is not only special at Christmas time as you find them in your stocking or boot from Saint Nick, but also year round.  You can also see some other interesting organisms by visiting other websites within the webpages for Multiple Organisms.

mandarin orange photos taken by myself

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Why did the mandarin orange stop rolling down the hill?


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