Human Consumption

Cut carrots from Microsoft clip artCarrots are prepared in every way imaginable.  They can be fried, steamed, dehydrated, pureed, sliced, diced, pickled, or even eaten raw.   The vast array of preparation techniques can attest to the utility and popularity of carrots.  Almost every type of cuisine utilizes carrots in some fashion.  In stores carrots can be bought in various forms including canned, frozen, and fresh.  Fresh carrots are often the best choice when it comes to nutritional value, but other forms are still acceptable.

A movement towards healthy eating has created various interesting carrot products.  These products include baked carrot chips and processed baby carrots.  The baked carrot chips are healthy yet delectable alternative to potato chips.  It may seem like a weird concept but the chips are out of this world delicious.  Baby carrots are also healthy snacks which are naturally great and even better when combined with a dip.  


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