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Interesting Facts about the True Nut


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Pres. Obama from Clip Art!


 The pistachio is President Obama’s favorite snack.

The pistachio tree can live to be 700 years old!

The pistachio is part of the cashew family and this family also includes poison ivy.

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Pistachios are mentioned in the Old Testament of the bible.

The US is the world’s second largest pistachio producer producing over 346 million tons of the nut in 2004.

Pistachios were dyed red in the US in order to hide imperfections in the shells and to make the nuts stand out in vending machines.

The nuts don’t grow on trees until the tree matures which may take 5-10 years!

The pistachio tree is harvested by shaking. Watch this video to see harvesting in action!

Chocolate and Pistachio go well together!

Recently 1 million pounds of pistachios were recalled in grocery stores around the country due to a Salmonella outbreak. 

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Pistacia vera fruit

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