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Hello!  My name is Laura Nelson and I am a senior Biomedical Science major at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  I hail from the town of Clintonville, WI, and am eagerly awaiting my graduation in one month (May 2009)  at which point I will be heading to Madison for four more years to attend Veterinary School at the University of Wisconsin.  I plan to become a small animal practitioner, and to reside in Wisconsin.  In my spare time I love hanging around friends, family, and animals (of course!), music, spending time outdoors, riding motorcycle, reading, and playing piano.




When told that the creation of these websites needed to follow the theme of "Christmas Organisms" for my Organismal Biology class, the reindeer immediately popped into my head.  My thoughts went directly back to this past Christmas season when I saw a bunch of captive reindeer in a petting zoo during a Christmas light display.  I thought "Awww, they are so cute and little," but it is also then that I realized that I myself, did not know much about reindeer other than their association with Christmas and the Santa story  we all know so well.  I thereby made it my goal to both educate myself about these majestic arctic creatures, and everyone else who ventures onto my site. 


I have learned a lot in the process of this project about these gentle creatures, and hopefully you all have too!  I had a lot of fun putting this project together, and hopefully you enjoyed browsing through it!  The next time you think of reindeer, hopefully flying in the sky pulling Santa's sleigh isn't the first thought that comes to mind. 


Special thanks to Tom Volk for the use of his pictures!


Also make sure to check out my classmates' interesting websites on organisms other than reindeer at MultipleOrganisms.net!



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