The Sun Never Sets on Sheep Land

        Sheep in Chile--Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons   Sheep on Faroe Islands of Denmark--Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons   Sheep in South Africa--Courtesy of Sheep 101

     When people think of sheep, they usually picture them grazing in rolling green pastures at the bases of mountains and hills. In reality, domesticated sheep can be found practically anywhere in world with exception to the polar regions. The first evidence of domesticated sheep came from an archeological  dig site in Northeastern Iraq in a town named Zawi Chemi Shanidar. It is believed that from the Middle East, humans spread sheep further north and east into Europe and Eastern Asia. Today, sheep have adapted to all sorts of climates due to the fact that humans have bred them for various characteristics. In fact, there are over 800 different breeds of sheep! Domesticated sheep can be spotted anywhere from tropical regions to desert regions. In the United States, the majority of sheep lay west of the Mississippi River. Sheep have proven themselves to be extremely versatile in their habitats.

        Sheep in Egypt--Courtesy of Sheep 101   Sheep in Indonesia--Courtesy of Ramfarm from Sheep 101   Sheep in New Zealand--Courtesy of Sheep 101

Major Sheep Markets Across the World from 2004--Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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