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Hello!  My name is Sam Tarmann. I am currently a freshman at the University Sam Tarmann 2009of Wisconsin-La Crosse. This web site was made for my Organismal Biology class and each of my fellow students made a website as well. If you want to see more web pages Check This Out! I am currently undecided on a major but I am considering biomedical science. I am pre-Physical Therapy and hope to work with sports related injuries.  I chose to create this site about the garden pea because ever since I was little I have loved peas. They are one of my favorite foods. When I was little, I use to only want to eat cans of peas. I don't know why this was so, since not many people in my family seem to like peas. And it's also a bit strange since every baby I have ever babysat seems to not like the taste of peas. But in either case, I have always liked peas and continue to eat them when ever possible. 


Peas are used in a variety of different foods and recipes so I decided to include some recipes that I thought would be delicious and interesting to try.


Sam Tarmann 2009- peas in the shape of a heart... because I love peas!




 Looking for some good pea reci-peas?

Try these!!

Love to Know Pea Recipes

Healthy Spring Pea Recipes



              Pea SoupMicrosoft Office- Clip Art- Chef


          1 can Marrowfat peas

          1 slice onion

          2 teaspoons sugar

          2 tablespoons butter

          1 pint butter

          1teaspoon milk

          1/8 teaspoon pepper



          1. Drain peas from their liquid, add sugar and cold

                             water and simmer for twenty minutes.

                             2. Rub through a sieve, reheat, and thicken with butter

                             and flour cooked together.

                             3. Scald milk with onion, remove onion, and add milk

                             to pea mixture, season with salt and pepper.

                    recipe is by User: and is from this site


Microsoft Office- Clip Art - cooking

Rice with Peas


1 cup boiled rice

1/4 cup canned peas

1/2 cup liquid from peas

2 tablespoons flour

4 teaspoons melted butter



1. Put half the boiled rice in bottom of baking dish, then a layer of peas, and the remainder of rice.

2. Rub the butter and flour together; heat the liquid, and pour over the butter and flour; boil five minutes.

3. Then pour over the rice, and bake ten minutes.

recipe is by User: and is from this site


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