Who Do Donkeys Hang Out With?

A clipart picture of a boy hugging his donkey Through domestication, these animals have encountered a symbiotic relationship with humans. Usually, donkeys and humans demonstrate a mutual relationship. People gain a means of transportation for themselves or goods and donkeys are provided with food and shelter. However, donkeys are used primarily by people living in poor economic areas and also referred to as “the poor man’s horse.” Lower class people do not always have the means necessary to care for these animals.

Today, many organizations exist that help protect these animals. Some include:
Donkey Sanctuary

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
Highveld Horse Care Unit

Considering that donkeys live in developing countries, they also have a parasitic relationship with many pathogens. Trypanosome infections are prevalent in many many equids in Gambia.  Depending on which infection, donkeys tend to have a little less prevalence than other equids. The trypanosome infections are transmitted to these animals through the bite of a tse tse fly. Once infected, the donkey's heath is seriously compromised and yet it may be forced to continue  working  for humans.

Lions and wolves have developing a predatory relationship with donkeys by seeking them as their prey. They target the young and elderly because the energy they gain from eating these animals outweighs the expended energy. Domesticated donkeys interact well with other types of livestock including horses, cows, goats, sheep, and llamas. Donkeys will act aggressively toward other animals only if they feel threatened or are protecting their young. This animal is well known for using its hind legs to defend itself.

A clipart picture of a woman using a donkey for transportation of herself and goodsWhen you think of bacteria you probably think of it in negative terms. That is not always the case, especially with donkeys. Instead, donkeys have a mutualistic  relationship with bacteria and protists in terms of digestion. Hundreds of species of bacteria thrive in the digestive system helping to break down cellulose and other indigestible components of plants. Donkeys would not be able to survive without associating with bacteria.

Now you have mastered the donkey!

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