The Famous Donkey

An up close and personal view of a donkey's faceThroughout time, the donkey, Equus asinus has been displayed in an array of different perspectives and portrayals. Whether it is through childhood literature or Hollywood movies, who hasn't heard of the donkey?


Now it's the donkey's turn to show its perspective. This webpage is designed to show the true story of the life of the donkey. You'll get a better understanding of how these animals came to be and their new way of life.


Interesting fact:  Many Christians are aware of the biblical story of the donkey carrying pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. But do you know which specific donkey is believed to have accomplished this task? Well, now you do! It was the Syrian wild ass. This donkey is the smallest, standing only three feet tall and has an olive color coat.


In order to get a better understanding of these animals let's begin with their 


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