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  Fun Facts!

"Just let me know if those crabs wont share the butter with you. They have been known to be a little shellfish!"

  • The legal size for harvesting of a snow crab is 9.5 centimeters in carapace length.    This allows for only the male snow crabs to be legally harvested.  This is to help prevent overharvesting and extinction of the species.

  • Snow crabs are only harvested in three general areas, including the coast of Alaska, coast of Japan, and the Atlantic Coast of Canada and Maine.  

  • The snow crab is also known as the "Queen Crab" because of the length of their legs, which is comparable to (but smaller than) the King Crab.Clip art of a crab retrieved from Microsoft Word 2010.
  • Snow crabs have blue circulatory fluid known as hemolymph.  This is due to the copper component that is associated with the oxygen found within it.
  • Some species of crab use the tentacles of sea anenome for protection.  
  • Females have the capability of storing the male's sperm in a compartment called the spermatheca.  It can then use this sperm to fertilize future egg clutches. 

  • The snow crab catch during the winter season of 2011 and 2012 was recorded at about 90 million pounds. Learn more here!
  • The first commercial snow crab business was created in Canada around 1965.
  • Females are picky when it comes down to who is going to be their mate.  Some lose their life in the battle of resisting a mate.

  • Clipart of Sushi retrieved from Microsoft Word 2010Snow crab is a common ingredient found in sushi.

  • Chionoecetes opilio has the capability of growing a lost limb back, but only if it is still in its molting process.

  • The crab is the zodiac sign for Cancer.

  • The male gender of snow crabs grows one larger claw, which serves as a way to attract the female gender.


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