Where on Earth?

Dill was originally cultivated in Southeast Asia, Russia and the Mediterranean areas, but today it is grown in all different areas of the world.

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***The yellow dots represent areas in which dill is cultivated. However, dill is not restricted to these areas by any means! This plant more than likely grows in more areas than represented on this map.

***The pink shading represents areas in Canada and United States where dill is known to grow. Again, dill most likely grows in more areas than represented here!

What kinds of conditions are best?

    Dill is a perennial plant that requires lots of direct sunlight and grows best in soil that is loose and well drained. A sandy loam is an optimal soil for dill to grow in, specifically one that is slightly acidic (pH of 5.5 to 6.5).
     Because dill can grow anywhere from two to three feet tall, it is important for it to be in an area protected from strong winds. This is also especially important because dill has thin, hollow stems that can easily topple over. In addition to its height, dill has deep roots that need plenty of room to grow, so growing dill in a pot typically does not work as well as growing it outside in a garden.
     Also, you may have realized based above that temperature does not have a huge effect on dill one way or the other. However, a cool, sunny climate is dill's favorite.
     To learn about the cultivation of dill in more detail, you can visit the Herbs 2000 website.

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