Hmm...Needs More Nutmeg


If this is a phrase you are caught constantly repeating, perhaps this webpage may assuage your nutmeg desires. Derived from the seed of a dioecious tree, nutmeg is a spice native to the Spice Islands in Indonesia and possesses a pungent taste that is warm and sweet. The most common use of nutmeg is as flavoring in baked goods, egg nog, puddings, meats, sausages, and vegetables. For a list of delicious recipes that include nutmeg, click here.

 There are several varieties of nutmeg with the most commonly sold commercial type being Myristica fragrans.  The fruit of the nutmeg tree produces two important widely used spices: nutmeg and mace.


In addition to its popularity in the culinary industry, nutmeg is also used for its essential oils in a variety of pharmaceutical goods such as toothpaste and cough syrup. Also a common medicinal tool, nutmeg is used to counteract many flu-like symptoms and has various hallucinogenic effects. In some cases, the spice is abused and used for its hallucinogenic effects. This is NOT recommended. For more information on nutmeg as a drug, click here.

There are many unique and odd characteristics as well as interesting and beneficial properties of this organism, but before we go too in depth, please take some time to learn about the various aspects of this organism to truly appreciate the uniqueness of the Myristica fragrans species. To learn how to classify this organism, click here.


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