Octopus Factoids

-  The plural of “octopus” is not “octopi” because This is clipart
    the original word is in Greek, not Latin. The plural of
    the Greek word should be “octopodes,” but the
    form most commonly used is “octopuses.”

-  It is proper to call the eight extremities "arms"
    instead of "tentacles" when talking about
    the Pacific octopus. “Tentacles” are used by squid
    to capture prey. These “arms” are used for much

-  The octopus lives 3-5 years. It is believed 5 is their maximum age, even without mating. 

-  In captivity, these octopuses are frequently named because each displays its own unique

-  The octopus's brain continues to increase in both size and cell number throughout its
    entire life.

-  The Pacific octopus can fit through any opening larger than its beak. Yes, this means the
    50+ pound creature can fit through a hole about two inches wide. Don't believe me?
    Check this video out!

-  They have three hearts. Two are used to pump blood to the gills, one is used to pump
    blood to the rest of the body.

E. dofleini's blood appears blue when oxygenated. This is because hemocyanin contains
    copper compounds.

-  Pacific octopuses have great regeneration capabilities. One can re-grow up to one-third
    of its arm, complete with pigmented chromatophores and suckers, in less than six

-  The Pacific octopus is the largest species of octopuses in the world. The greatest Pacific
    octopus ever recorded weighed about 600 pounds and stretched 30 feet across! 

-  Giant Pacific octopuses are fished for off of the coasts of North America and Japan.
     They are then sold as human food or fishing bait.  

-  These creatures are occasionally cannibalistic and eat members of their own species.  

-  A Pacific octopus has been observed attacking a diver. The video can be watched here

-  Octopuses are poikilotherms. Their metabolism slows down in cooler water, which
    causes them to become significantly less activeThis is clipart
    than they are when in warmer water.  

-  Only about 2 of 57,000 Pacific octopuses will grow
    to maturity.

-  A Pacific octopus can be kept as a pet. But it 
    requires at least a 400 gallon tank, due to
    its size.

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 Julie Kalupa of University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.  BIO 203 - Spring 2012