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A Culinary Aspect

Bighead carp as a meal?  That is correct!  Bighead carp are considered a perfect food source for humans.  Bighead carp have white, firm meat and are excellent for filets.  Bighead carp do have intramuscular bones in the filets, which many find less desirable than other fish.  Bighead carp are a popular part of meals in Asian communities around the world and these fish are in high demands in areas around the globe.

Are they Safe?  Bighead carp are absolutely safe to eat.  Be aware of water with high levels of dangerous chemicals and other pollutants because organisms in those waters should never be considered safe to eat.  Bighead carp often eat and live around the middle to upper regions of the water so they do not eat questionable sedimentary muck on the bottom unlike catfish and other bottom feeders.  To see a bottom feeder click here

In America, carp are not viewed as pleasantly as our other game fish.  When someone hears the word carp, they picture some disgusting fish that they would not want to find on their dinner plate.  Bighead carp and their relatives are actually quite delicious and because they are a white fish meat are healthy.  Some believe that smoked carp taste even better than smoked salmon!  Be daring and try it sometime!  Be open to new things and the very fish you thought was disgusting could be your next favorite meal!

Want to prepare Bighead carp?  Below are a few links provided to help prepare carp.

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There are many different recipes out there to prepare Bighead carp so get out there and explore the food world of carp and see how many interesting dishes you can find!

Now that you know how Bighead carp relate to the culinary world, click here to see references.

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