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About Me

My name is Kyle Phillips and I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.  I am majoring in Biomedical Sciences and am very interested in the Pre-Dentistry and  Pre-Medicine career path.  I know that I want to help people and the medical field seems like the right place for my interests in biology. 

I come from the small town of Kewaskum, Wisconsin, for those who do not know where Kewaskum is, it is about 10 minutes north of West Bend, and about a 45 minute drive Northwest from Milwaukee.  I live there with my family of three others near the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  I enjoy spending family time with my mother, father, sister, and my dog back at home, and would like to thank them for all the help, love, and support they provide me.

When I am not studying at college, doing homework, I am usually off playing sports and enjoying time with my friends.  My favorite sport to play is soccer, but I also enjoy paintball, airsoft, hiking, running, football, golf, and just about any other sport.  Other recreations I enjoy include fishing, bowfishing, hunting, trap shooting, longboarding, playing videogames, woodworking, and just about any other activity I can enjoy with my friends. I absolutely love the outdoors.  When I am not in my hometown walking on the state trails or my backyard, I am able to find plenty of the wilderness here in La Crosse.  The bluffs are fantastic and walking the trails in Myrick Hixon Park is always a great place to see.  I enjoy working out at the Recreational Center on campus as well as take part in intramurals.  I listen to about any kind of music, but I particularly enjoy country, alternative, rock, and rap.  I look forward to trying new things and always enjoy going off on adventures with friends, exploring new places (in the wilderness or in cities), and doing about anything else that is fun.

Myself and my good friend Ryan fishing many years ago - Photo thanks to my dad Jeff Phillips 

The reason I created this webpage was for a project in my Organismal Biology class.  We were required to create our own webpage on an organism related around the theme of food.  I decided to do Bighead carp because I enjoy fishing and was curious to find out more about this interesting fish, especially with all the media attention carp get today with them approaching the Great Lakes and competing with other game fish I enjoy catching.  Creating this website taught me a bunch, not only on Bighead carp, but also about time management, organizational skills, communications with others, and the motivation to get a large project done.  Thank you for viewing my site and hope you enjoyed it as much as I had creating it!  To view other websites created by students like me go to

Contact Me:  You can contact me with any questions or comments at my email or if you would wish to email my professors you can find Dr. Greg Sandland at and Dr. Tom Volk at


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