Vitis vinifera interacts with many different organism. Some relationship are better then others though. One mutalistic relationship it forms with a the fungus mycorrhizae allows both to get proper nutrients and help each other live longer. Sometimes V. vinifera is so fortunate. It can also develop parasitic relationships. One example is black rot or Guignardia bidwellii. This fungal disease effects all of the vine but most importantly it harms the fruit. When a vine is infected with black rot the grapes turn black and shrivel up. Another organism acceptable to black rot is Curcurbita maxima.


Another fungal disease that can effect V.vinifera is Anthracnose. This is commonly known as bird's eye rot. Fortunately this disease is really easy to maintain. When the vine is in the dormant stage you spray it with liquid lime sulfur and then when it is growing spray with fungal pesticides. Another species that can get this disease is Prunus dulcis.


Also some relationships can me communalistic. Many animals like grapes for food. Animals receive nutritional value from the vine while nothing really is infected with plant. The gardener might not be happy but the plant is completely fine. Some animals like like grapes as a nutritious treat include deer, rabbits, birds and many many more. Check out the multiple organism website to see some of these animals! (Deer, Rabbit, Bird)

One huge interactions V. vinifera makes is with yeast. The production of yeast and grapes together make wine! This website is a great explanation of wine making,


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