The reproductive cycle of a grapevine is very complicated. As you might now grapevines are grown from a seed which has to go through a vegetative phase first. They go through this vegetative stage to make sure that they have enough resources to support the formation of fruit. A vegetative stage can last several years. When the vine is out of the vegetative stage it is able to start to grow the plant. During winter months the plant is in a phase called dormancy, which no growth happens. In early spring the plant buds are reactivated, bud breaking.

                                                 bud break

 Inflorescence branch meristems produce even more meristems (a place in the plant where growth takes place). This gives rise to flower meristems and floral primordia (gives rise to an embryo). This then starts the process of flower initiation. Next sepal lobes are formed, which protect the bud, and petal lobes. Then stamen and carpel primordia are formed.



This is where the ovaries will be. Ovule initiations occurs and pollen formation. Finally the plant can self fertilize and produce fruit.


This website is a nice overview of the parts of the grapes,

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