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The nasturtium is truly a wonderful plant. It has been extremely successful as an organism. It has exceeded its original boundaries and not only survives but thrives all around the world. It originated in Peru and since the 1600's it has traveled across both Americas, Europe, and found its way over to the far East as well. The plant has played parts in monumental occurrences throughout history and has been the center piece for many artists. People have used this plant as an herb, a source of food, and as decoration for food, but that is not all that it has done for humans. This plant has many medicinal purposes and has been used a a beautifying product as well. The plants benefits do not end with humans however. In the garden nasturtium provides a great deal of protection to other plants. It is often times called a companion plant because it will enhance the quality of certain plants in the same area.


From the author:

I hope this website answers everything you need to know about nasturtium. I had a great time making this webpage. It was created as a project for an organismal biology class called multiple organisms, however during my research of this plant, I fell in love with the many outstanding and unsuspected qualities that this plant possesses. As a result, I have started to cultivate my own nasturtium in my garden. So I hope you enjoy this webpage as much as I do, and check out the about the author page to learn more about me and the Multiple organism project, or go right to the main site!