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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my webpage on  Sciurus carolinensis My name is Kayleen Toellner, and I am currently a Junior at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. I am majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a triple minor in Spanish, Psychology, and Sociology.  I am not sure exactly where my future will take me, but I hope to work in the medical field. When I am taking a break from studying  I like to spend my the majority of my time with friends and family. I am also interested in music and spend a lot of time going to different concerts. In addition, I love being outdoors and spend most of my summers camping, on the lake, or going to different music festivals. Another interest of mine is art, I really like photography, painting, drawing, and making jewelry. I made this website as part of a research project for my biology 203 course taught by Dr. Volk and Dr. Sandland. Every semester students are required to make a website on a particular organism and post it to  This year's topic was "organisms used for food." When I saw the squirrel on the list I was surprised because it isn't really something I would considere eatting. Additionally there are a lot of squirrels on campus here at UWL, and my friends and I like seeing what they are up to. Overall I thought it was one of the most fun projects I have done for a biology course  and I hope you will gains a new appreciation for the species  fafter viewing my site.  If you have any comments or questions about this webpage please feel free to contact me at: