This photo was courtesy of Damon Tighe, it is Psilocybe cyanescens fruiting body

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Hello, and thank you for visiting my webpage!

My name is Jacob Akin and I am a freshmen student pursuing
a degree from the Univsity of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I do not have a declared major as of now, however I have always been interested in the science field. I made this webpage in the class Organismal Biology, which I am enrolled in for the spring semester of 2013.

 I made this web site on Psilocybe cyanescens, a particular species of hallucinogenic mushroom, of which I hope you have been able to gain an increased understanding from my previous pages. I chose this organism because it is very intriguing, and I hope that you found it educational and entertaining. My contact information is below, and because I am a "fun-guy", I hope that you contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding my web page. Also, if you are interested, please look
at the other amazing organisms at