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My name is Alyssa Cooke and this is my webpage dedicated to Gonyaulax!
I am from Ripon Wisconsin and I am currently a second semester freshman at UW- La Crosse. I am a Biomedical Sciences major with a Chemistry minor.


After I graduate I hope to become a Registered Dietician! I created this webpage site as a part of an Organismal Biology course led by Dr. Gregory Sandland and Dr. Thomas Volk of UWL.  Researching Gonyaulax proved to be very interesting. It's amazing how an organism of 20-40 micrometers can cause such a detriment to marine life! When I was on vacation to the east coast I saw bioluminescent dinoflagelletes light up the marine waters. Even since then I've been completely intrigued by this fascinating organism!

Aside from school I love weightlifting, playing soccer, and spending lots and lots of time with my friends and family.

I hope this website was eye opening and educational! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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