Credit to Stewart Macdonald


          The Eastern Brown Snake inhabits most of Eastern Australia and parts of Central and Northern Australia. The eastern brown snake also inhabits parts of New Guinea as well. However, its most dense population occurs on the eastern coastal region of Australia.    Up close pic of the Eaastern Brown Snake

          The Eastern Brown Snake is a highly adaptable organism and as long as there are field mice or other rodents around you can expect to find it. The habitat that the snake seems to thrive most in is open woodlands filled with eucalypts which the koala eats, or in scrublands and open grasslands. This snake is, however, able to live very well in agricultural areas because of the abundant source of rats and mice that live in the agricultural fields.                                                Photo taken by Stewart Macdonald

          The snake is one of the top predators of most of Australia’s rodents and small lizards. It has few predators to worry about in nature, but do include birds of prey and feral cats. The snake is generally a secondary consumer with the mice and rats being the primary consumer of seeds and grasses. The snake can also be a tertiary consumer with the small lizards being secondary consumers of insects and other small organisms which, in turn, are the primary consumers of leaves and grasses.   

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