Fascinating Facts

Convallaria majalis is the national flower of Finland.

Lily of the Valley, although jokingly, had a song about it in an episode of I Love Lucy. Watch it here.

Convallaria majalis is usually a symbol of rebirth and second life, especially in art, storytelling and folklore. It even is said to symbolize good luck and fertility in some pictures. Check out the painting below.

          Painting featuring Lily of the Valley, Franz Xaver Winterhalter, The First of May 1851, 1851.
            Franz Xaver Winterhalter, The First of May 1851, 1851.

'Mary's Tears' or 'Virgin's Tears' are other common names for Convallaria majalis. Legend says that when Jesus died upon the cross, his Mother, Mary, cried at the base of his cross. Flowers, specifically C. majalis, allegedly grew on the ground where her tears fell.

It was once thought that Lily of the Valley smelled so strongly and unique that it attracted animal sperm and promoted fertility among all animals.

Princess Kate Middleton carried Convallaria majalis in her bouquet on her wedding day. So did Grace Kelly!

'Le muguet' is the French word for 'Yeast infection'. However, when directly translated into English, it means Lily of the Valley. This is though to be given this name because of the location and appearance of the typical yeast infection.

Lily of the Valley is considered the birth flower of May.

Queen, the British rock band, has a song called Lily of the Valley. Listen to it!

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