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1. Lepiota josserandii has a cap size how wide?
A. 1-5cm B. 4-5cm C. 2-4.5cm D. None is correct E. It varies
2. What family does L. josserandii belong too?
A. Basidiomycota B. Lepiota C. Agaricales D. Agaricaceae E. None
3. What poison does L. josserandii poses?
A. Amatox B. Amatin C. Amaxto D. Amatoxin E. None
4. Lepiota josserandii is found where in North America?
A. California, Maine B. New York, Texas C. It is not. D. California, New York
5. L. josserandii is what type of fungi?
A. Parasitic B. Decomposer C. Commensalist D. None E. Mutualistic


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