Bracken ferns have few needs when it comes to habitats. However, a must is moisture in the soil. This is very important to their reproduction. They also require light for photosynthesis. They cannot live in extreme biomes such as the desert or arctic because of the temperatures. 

 Map showing where boreal forests are located

 They love living in the Northern Coniferous Forest with long cold winters and short summers. This makes for a short growing season. These forests are located in northern North America and Eurasia. They extend to the edge of the arctic tundra. Here rainfall normally falls between 30 to 70 cm every year. The Virginia Pine tree or the Blue Spruce are both examples of another organism that would live with the Bracken fern is some forests. 

Tropical Forests also house bracken ferns. These biomes are found around the equator all around the world. Rainfall is about 200 to 400 cm and temperatures averages 25-29 degree Celsius. This allows the bracken fern to grow year round in tropical forests. Tropical forest are filled with large trees and the competition for light is fierce. Bracken ferns are found on the forest floor along with thorny scrubs. Ferns in the jungle  

Bracken ferns also dwell in grasslands. Grasslands have more distinct seasons. Summer have more precipitation than winters. Typically precipitation averages between 30 to 100 cm. Grasslands are found in central North America, they are more commonly called, 'prairies' when in this area.


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