Map of New GuineaThe Hooded Pitohui along with its other subspecies inhabit the small island of New Guinea. New Guinea is located in the south Pacific Ocean to the east of Indonesia. Although this island is tiny in comparison to countries like the United States, it contains at least 5% of the world's biodiversity (WWF Global). The ecosystem is unique due to the vastly different biomes that are included in this small land mass. While exploring the island one can find tundra-like area with glaciers, the tropical rainforests and desert climates (WWF Global). All of these different climates allow for substantial biodiversity in this unique area.

The Hooded Pitohui is usually found higher in the tree branches which makes behavioral and reproduction observation difficult.

Although the Hooded Pitohui is not endangered by statistical measures the tropical forests of New Guinea are in grave danger. The rate of deforestation has greatly increased in the last couple years which will undoubtedly lead to the loss of habitat for an immense amount of organisms. Deforestation in tropical rainforests can quickly lead to extinction of species, fragmented habitats, an increased pollution and reduced water cycling. (WWF Global).


What type of awesome adaptations does the Hooded Pitohui have?