Like all birds, the hooded pitohui reproduces sexually to create fertilized eggs. These birds are dioecious, meaning the species have separate male and female reproductive organs in different individuals. Although one mHooded Pitohuiay think that the female bird would assume most of the care for the offspring, the hooded pitohui exhibit a different type of raising the young. The hooded pitohui has been observed participating in cooperative breeding, in which many individuals help build the nest and feed the young. The nests that have been observed are composed of the leaves of climbing plants as well as the branches from the trees.


     When these birds hatch they do not have the toxin coating their feathers so they must rely on other ways to defend themselves. The bright warning colors usually keep predators away, but when one brave snake tries to make a snack out of one of the young birds, they crest. The crest is a collection of feathers on the top of a bird's head. Cresting makes these baby birds appear much larger and intimidating.

Picture used with permission from Marcel Holyoak


What type of interactions does the Hooded Pitohui participate in?